A new technological revolt is expected within a couple of years when LG Electronics will be making a new line of folding mobile devices. As disclosed by Electronics Times, these folding mobiles may be made, most probably, for the Apple, Google and Microsoft in the year after next year, i.e. Year 2018. Rolling out the news on December 16, 2016, Electronic Times reported that it is expected that Samsung Display and LG display will compete with each other to grab the major part of the market of developing out foldable OLED panels.

The foldable phones have the potential to increase the screen size when the phone is brought out of pocket; a feature that may altogether remove the problems of text, seeing more of your inbox, more space for the app features, better image processing and better display of videos.

But, for the time being, this concept is posing many technical challenges, such as, higher manufacturing cost, durability, safety and other such manufacturing concerns.

Resemblance with Microsoft Surface Book

Some of the analysts are of the view that when folded, foldable phones resembles the Microsoft Surface Book.The market is crowded with new innovation of bendable or foldable mobile phones with similar slabs of glass where cut throat competition is expected

Samsung is already on the way to development of foldable phones by Samsung Display and Samsung Electronics. On the other hand, Apple has already many intellectual property rights of foldable devices and is expecting the Apple to compete with the Samsung on the foldable phones in year 2017. Google is already on way to smartphone manufacturing by launching Pixel Phone.It is expected Korean electronics companies will again will lead the market for the foldable devices though the Chinese companies, Lenovo and OPPO have already introduced prototypes of foldable panels.

Source and Images: CNET, etnews

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