Unnecessary Bluetooth in Mobile Phones

Bluetooth is a radio wireless technology that is designed and developed to share different types of data over a short distance, without applying the wires. Bluetooth relies on short-range radio technology to connect your mobile device with other Bluetooth-enabled devices to share documents, images, or other types of data.

This short-link radio technology, named Bluetooth, was invented and initiated in 1989 by Nils Rydbeck, CTO at Ericsson Mobile in Lund, Sweden.

Bluetooth uses the 2.45 GHz frequency for the data transfer up to 33 feet (10 meters) distance.

There are about 5 devices that apply Bluetooth for their functioning. These are Phones, cameras, televisions, speakers, and hand-free devices.

A Bluetooth mobile phone be connected, wirelessly, to any headset to make hands-free calling, easier. This can also be used to send or receive pictures, videos, and data files to any other phone, computer, or any other device that is connected by wireless.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1.

On the Home screen, tap on the ‘Setting’ icon to open up the ‘Settings’ screen, available on the top right image of the article.

Step 2.

On the ‘Settings’ screen, available on the top left image, tap on the ‘Connections’ icon. It will take you to the ‘Connections’ screen. See the bottom right image.

Step 3.

At the ‘Connections’ screen (middle right image), see the ‘Bluetooth’ is currently blue, i.e. activated. Tap it to see the current status of the Bluetooth. It will open up the ‘Bluetooth’ status screen.

Step 4.

See; the last notification at the bottom of the screen mentions that currently ‘No devices found’ (see middle left image).

So, in the absence of any device, applying ‘Bluetooth’, there is no need to keep Bluetooth, activated.

Step 4.

So, if you want to deactivate ‘Bluetooth’, tap the blue icon of ‘Bluetooth’ in the middle left image, it will deactivate or disable ‘Bluetooth’.

Step 5.

Now, see the icon of Bluetooth on the Bluetooth screen (bottom right image), it is deactivated and its color has been changed to grey.

Step 5.

Back to the ‘Connections’ screen (bottom left image), the Bluetooth icon is deactivated.

For further tips to save battery, stay tuned.

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