Online Educators Can Organize Course Content for Best Results

For the Online Educators, instructors, and tutors, delivery of the learning material for the students is specifically important. To provide the best educational service to their students and to get the best results from the students, guiding and giving an easy approach to the study material is the basic and foremost responsibility of online instructors. However, the instructors and tutors are morally duty-bound to provide guidance and advisory services to their students, as and when needed.

But, the main problem is; how to fulfill this huge and full-time responsibility. Let’s suggest a solution for the instructors, online educators, and tutors to fulfill their responsibilities. 90% of the success of educators depends on the delivery of the right type of study material, to the students at the right time.

They can perform their responsibility with the help of software; Anylist, available in the market for iOS, Android devices, and Computers.

What is Anylist?

Anylist is a state-of-the-art and specialized digital app that can be used for online education by online instructors and tutors. Its popularity is due to its unique features and functionality. Developed jointly by Andy and Jason Gardner, AnyList is available for iOS mobile devices from the Apple App Store.

Though it was released, initially, for usage in 2011, it is still going through the development phase for various updates and improvements.

Benefits of Organized Study Material for Students

1. Organized Study Material

To arrange the study material for each module, first of all, you have to perform two basic functions:

Apply the create list feature of the Anylist to prepare specific lists of topics to be talked to or to be delivered to the students during the online instructions on specific dates and times. These topics must then be broken down into sub-topics, for different purposes, such as, for online lectures, as study material, as pre-lecture study material, and for usage as helping material.

2. Study Material Citation

For further help to the students, mention the related citation links to the online study material, such as resources, related articles, and related videos.

Good Idea

For further help to the students, mention the related citation links to the online study material, such as resources, related articles, and related videos.

Now, comes the application of Anylist for adding urgent necessary notes, due dates for the different activities, and their priority levels. All these activities must be performed with the help of the Anylist’s list creation feature.

3. Teamwork and its Communication

For the development of the Online Discussion Forums, Anylist can assist with their arrangement among the students and educators. Collaboration can enhance learning to a great extent.

Messages, Notifications, and Reminders: You may get the application of the Notification and Reminder feature of Anylist for better communication between students and online educators. You may get the assistance of the feature with updates by sharing the resources, mutual consultation, comments, and updating the study environment.

4. Due Dates and Reminders

After due consultation between the students and the educators, dates can be set for submission of assignments, availability of reading material, and so on with the help of Anylist. You can also inform the students about the dates of quizzes, tests, and exams.

5. Time Management Feature

Scheduling of different academic activities can be integrated with the Calendar app. Students and instructors can create and manage academic schedules, set different dates for educational activities, various deadlines, and integrate all the activities with the Calendar app.

6. Sharing of Study Material and its Sources

Again, here comes the Anylist to facilitate the sharing of academic documents, study material, and group presentations. Educators may identify to the students the sources from where the study material can be secured free of cost.

7. Time to Time Academic Assessment and its Feedback to Students

Anylist can provide the potential tools for creating surprise quizzes or academic assessments of the students and convey the results of the evaluations to the students for further preparation for the final exams. It is the option of the instructor to ask the students to share their partially completed assignments for the pre-evaluation.

Concluding Remarks

Anylist is designed to support different learning styles and approaches. Therefore, it can be accessed by different groups of students and different discussion forums to a vast number of resource websites. This is why a great number of students as well as instructors love to work with it and it is treated as the most important tool for educators for the management of online courses.

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