Compatibility of different websites, blogs and other such software has always been a problem for the users of different browsers in different Windows versions. The typical problem arises when you have developed a blog or site but then it does not open in any other browser in the same format or style due to compatibility problem. This problem is seen frequently when you are trying to load a typical site in different versions of Internet Explorer where different problems arises in different versions of Internet Explorer. This has been due to some optimization issues which makes hurdles in the loading of such pages or sites.

Understanding this issue of compatibility, Internet Explorer has introduced a special feature which sets the compatibility of the different sites which are being opened in different versions of Internet Explorer. If your site or the page is facing such issues, adopt this feature to make your page or site compatible with Internet Explorer.

This is a simple process which required only few clicks and setting. We have tried to solve the issue in the following step by step tutorial and with illustrated screenshots. If need be, see the tutorial.


1: Tape the ‘Internet Explorer’ tab from the start menu of the Windows 10 to open up Internet Explorer.

2: Load your page or site which is creating compatibility issue.

3: Now, access the menu bar of the Internet Explorer by pressing the ‘Alt’ key from your keyboard. See, a small menu bar will become visible at the top-left corner of Internet Explorer.

Note: The users of mobile devices or touch screen devices may apply the ‘On-Screen Keyboard’. This Online screen keyboard may be approached from the Search Charm’ where a key ‘Alt’ is available.

4: Tap the ‘Tools’ from the menu bar. It will open up popup menu.5: In the popup menu, tap the ‘Compatibility View Settings’. It will open up a prompt, named; Compatibility View Settings’.6: Add the URL of that website in the space for ‘Add this website’ – about which you want to solve the problem of compatibility – and click ‘Add’.7: See; immediately after the pressing ‘Add’, your entered URL will be added in the website, you have added for the compatibility’.

To resume the normal working, tap the ‘Close’ button, given at the bottom of the prompt.  That’s all!

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