As per new scheme by Microsoft, the users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 may get their operating systems converted to the Windows 10 for free but just during the very first year of availability of OS. Though some gurus may not agree with the proposed feasibility of the Redmond giant but still others see it as the wonderful idea, floated under the captaincy of the Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO.MSFT-Feb-13The first question is; what Microsoft may lose during the first year of the release of new OS, Windows 10. No doubt, Microsoft may lose revenue of billions of dollars by losing the benefits of skimming. But we must remember that ordinary individual PC users do not purchase new PC just to enjoy the new operating system but to get the new machine to get better service. The new OS may not reach to the majority of the users, till late in life span of the OS, who tends to save dollars as they cannot purchase new expensive Windows OS. This scheme seems to be obstructive for the PC industry but the individual consumer of the Windows may be the end beneficiary at the end but it may also pay to the hardware industry.

This is also seen as the scheme to get back the users from the Mac OS by Apple which is gaining the market merely by the bad reputation of the Windows 8 and 8.1 among the PC consumers.

By offering the free upgrade to the PCs, Microsoft may sell the idea to purchase PC and mobile machines with Windows 10 in it. Microsoft must also enhance its scheme by offering the free conversion of Windows Phone OS to the new Windows 10.

Inducing to upgrade the current OS to the new one may induce the users to acclaim the newer and better features and may work as the ambassador to the Microsoft products.

Microsoft may also earn handsome revenue, for not only PC based Windows OS by also for Windows Phone devices, by selling the apps to the Windows 10 users.

Certainly, Microsoft not only has the current scenario but also the future in view. It now holds the Lumia devices, previously held by Nokia, i.e. not only software but also hardware sale is sought.

This scheme may also induce the users to purchase the current Windows Phone devices with options to convert them to the Windows 10 within the first half of year 2015.

Source: Motley Fool

Image: MSN Money

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