Is Microsoft on way to dominate its once arch rival competitors with its strong software developing expertise? It is evident by its increasing offering of apps for not only the Android but also for the iPhone. And yes, the stock of the Microsoft is also on the rising side since the change of the top slot of the Microsoft which is, no doubt, due to its changed software development strategies.   MSFT-One-Year

MSFT-Five-YearSince last one year, MSFT (the stock of Microsoft) is adopting bullish trend despite some occasional ups and downs.

As is evident from the graphical stock chart, the MSFT has showed 41.38% increase since February 5, 2014 till now. As the planning of the New Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, looks to be very aggressive for the changed strategies, it is hopped MSFT will still move upward.

The change in the stock, reflecting the confidence of the investors on MSFT, is somehow due to the strong future Microsoft flagship operating system, the Windows 10. Windows 10 is being developed not only for the computer systems but also for the mobile devices, including the mobile phones and tablets.

In addition to Windows 10, Microsoft is on way to open its doors to apps for Android and iOS devices. A week ago, iPhone users were using the Google for search & email, Yahoo for sports & weather, Facebook for social networking and instagram for photo sharing and messaging but Microsoft was nowhere on the Home screen of the iPhone. But, then, Microsoft jumped in with the Outlook on iPhone and Android – an app based on Acompli (an excellent email app, bought by Microsoft bought in December 2014 for $200 million). After observing its marvelous performance, a major part of the iPhone users decided to keep Outlook for the email purposes.

And one more story sparked on the tech scene on yesterday by TechCrunch that that Microsoft was close to finalize a deal to buy the calendar app, Sunrise, for the said $100 million though it is still not official.

Now, with Azure cloud infrastructure platform, apparently a challenger for Amazon Web Services’ crown and widespread traction of Microsoft Office 365, across board, as examples that Microsoft is a different beast now. And with the rolling of Office apps across multiple devices was really a smart move, making MSFT even stronger and aggressive.

After launching of Office for the iPad, iPhone and Android, launch of Outlook and Sunrise besides Windows 10, this is crystal clear that Microsoft is turning to be a totally different company. It is hoped that the new Microsoft will definitely affect MSFT and it is expected that MSFT will rise to 5 year high.

Source: Business Insider, Forbes

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