The current craze in the youth is the artistic touch of their images and photos before the upload of the same upon the social media. Though, the simple photo has a sense of its own but what to do of the trend. So come the effects to give the desired touch to the photos and snaps to make them popular, eye-catching and to have very large likeness by the viewers.photocartoonseffectsThe tool to convert your simple snap into the caricature is possible with only one tool, i.e. Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera. This free app can convert your photos into a best piece of art which can make it liked, like hot cakes on whole the global social media engines.

As claimed by Photo Editor Creative, the developer of the Photo Filter & Selfie Camera, the download, installation and usage of the 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 is a popularity certificate by the users of free app about the quality, newness and the novelty of Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera app.  Yet, the 11,122 of the satisfied users recommended the same app a very good and useful one for your Android smartphone or device of yours.

What the downloaders and the users can do with the Photo Cartoon & Selfie Editor is to make your dream come true by converting your simple camera photo to a, artwork or cartoon photo. The finest, the quick, amazing and marvelous filters do the wonder for you in less than a minute.

Prominent Features

The list of the prominent and high-quality features, added in the Photo Filters & Selfie Camera are numerous in number. But, only few are so interesting that they cause me to write extensively about them.

  1. Many amazing tools and filters with artistic effects and caricature make the styles the part of artistic work. When they are uploaded on the social media and other Online channels, viewer is persuaded, immensely, to praise them which results in their likeness.
  1. The profound and deep reflective prisma effects leave everlasting impressions by converting your photos into pieces of art.
  1. After the installation of the Photo Filter for the Selfie Camera in your Android phone, you might not need further usage and utilization of older and out of date apps and tools. This is the time to forget the gloomy and dismal looking filters forever as far as you are using Photo Filter app.
  1. The youngster Android users may love to turn their collection of converted photo to artwork and into a gallery of art.photoartisiticeffectsThen, comes the paintLab where countless combinations of filters, brushes and tools can make artistic & cartoon effects for your photo gallery.
  1. If you love the selfies, you may apply this editing software to transform your selfie into the cartoon like photo with the usage of forms of photo, such as, retouch, photo booth or blur.
  1. Now, it is much easier to become a skillful person like a professional artist by following the simple instructions and that’s all! People will say; OK, you are the artist.
  1. This feature is now built-in in this app which helps you to share your art work with friends to impress them, rather make them a little jealous of your skills. You may share your unique artworks which have been created with Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera at many social media platforms, such as, Instagram,Facebook and so on.
  1. But, main thing is your artistic sense which needs to be satisfied. With Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera [PaintLab] app, just apply the prisma filters & effects, to décor your personal gallery and ultimately your décor your life as well.photocartoons1

Technical Information

After update on August 17, 2016, this app has been downloaded and installed in 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 Android devises which have the versions of 4.0 and above.

This app is developed and offered by Photo Editor Creative.

Download from Google Play Store: Photo Filters & Selfie Camera

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