It is a good idea to use some extra-high quality app for the smooth and stable functioning of your Android devices. How difficult it is for a smart and efficient person to use sluggish device for the communication and other usages! Remember; for the quick and smooth functioning of the mobile devices, the availability of the enough storage space in the internal memory along with the available RAM plays a vital role.1The more space in the internal memory will result in the better and smooth mobile device performance. In the Android operating system, the RAM, cache and internal storage are designed in such a way that all the three may be cleaned at the time of the operations, quickly and efficiently, but with any highly sophisticated and sensitive application tool. Systweak feels proud to announce the development of, Systweak Android Cleaner’, an app to make your Android device to work at the high speed and yet at the level up to your satisfaction. Upto now, Systweak Android Cleaner has been downloaded by almost 100,000 – 500,000 times and even 1,670 satisfied users have recommended it for your usage.

Designed and developed especially for the Android smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, Systweak Android Cleaner can act as your personal agent to work as the:

  • General speed booster
  • Battery Saver to make battery drain slowly
  • App Cache Cleaner
  • Game booster
  • Junk App / cache cleaner

Is it not a wonder to clean all the junk and dirty stuff in your Android smartphone with just one tap of button?

The people at the desk in Systweak, the software developer, created a marvelous application with the following lovable and satisfying features:

Speeds-up Your Phone/Device

In Systweak Android Cleaner, Speed Booster features are cultivated for the scanning of your Android device for any sort of temporary downloading files, external application cache, outmoded & obsolete APK files and unused folders. When the desired scan is complete, just tap the ‘Clean Now’ button and your mobile device will get rid of the unnecessary stuff and your phone will start working like factory reset level.

10Mainly, there are two types of cleanups which are required at the modern smartphones to work satisfactorily; one the storage and the other RAM.

See below; there will be considerable downward change in the storage used and RAM after you decided to get your smartphone boosted. Just one ‘Button Tap’ is enough to get rid of many of your problems.systweak-1

Quick Optimizer

Only one single tap can release large quantity of memory for the smooth and efficient working of your Android phone.


Solve Excessive Battery Drain

The major problem with the smartphones of today is the unnecessary battery drain which resulted in the lower phone performance. The more sophisticated mobile devices have many apps which cause the quick and fast battery drain. The best solution to the problem is to stop usage of the unnecessary apps and the apps which are not currently in use.12A feature, embed in the Systweak Android Cleaner is to avoid the wastage of the battery backup by stopping the functioning of the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data management and the unused apps, running in the background.5When you will open up the battery saver screen, it would be displaying the level of the battery usage details with the battery saver option which is set to ‘On’ by default. It would also be displaying the apps which you are willing and ready to close to save the battery drain. Just tick the desired and unnecessary apps and the system will obey your desire. You may also check the level of the current temperature and the power consumption by your smartphone phone and device.systweak-2Now, it is your wise management to save the maximum battery power usage. Alternatively, you may, altogether, turn off your battery saver option.

Smooth Gaming Experience

After the normal communication, the major application of the smartphone and tablets, the major usage is their gaming feature. 9The gamer on the smartphones are increasing, day by day, among all the age groups. Here, the slow, sluggish or lethargic games may lose their specific charm. When you are on the ‘Game SpeedUp’ screen, you may enable / activate all those games which you want to boost. After the selection of the game, available and installed in your smartphone, and its boost option is checked, just tap on game which is boosted and launch the game to enjoy it. If you want to add some more games, you may also do it.6A special button, ‘Game Speed Up’, is placed on the home screen of the device in which the Systweak Android Cleaner is installed. If you are willing to play games, just tap it and the game speed up screen will open up. Here, you may manage Android device to speed up the games, installed in it.systweak-4

Manage the Limited Storage in your Smartphone

Limited storage management is the most difficult thing in the Android devices even in the latest smartphones with really big internal storage. 7The wrong storage management may cause many useless and unnecessary apps to remain installed in your Android system which may cause slow down or lazy working. In Systweak Android Cleaner, just tap to open up the file explorer and a comprehensive list of pics, music, videos, docs, WhatsApp media files and other big files will be opened where you may decide to delete or take back up of individual files.


App and the App Manager

Just tap the ‘App Manager’ and see the list of the individual files or docs, installed in your Android device. Here, you may decide to uninstall or archive the apps. It will help you to decide about the usability and applicability of each app.systweak-6

Scheduling the Automatic Scan

It is a joke-like reality that you, typically, need the smart working when you don’t have the time to seek the manual scan. To avoid such hindrance in the smart functioning of the Android smartphone, it is a good idea to set the schedule the automatic phone boost at a set regular intervals. Systweak Android Cleaner also enables you to scan some of the specific folders from regular or manual scans, depending upon your preferences and requirements.

My Opinion

After using the Android operating system for may years, I am of the view that what an ordinary user needs is a state of the art app which is easier to operate. And what an ordinary Android user don’t have is the time to set and clean up the Android deices. But, if you have installed Systweak Android Cleaner in your device, you may get rid of many of the problems of Android clean up. So, this is time to recommend the app to install in your Android device and forget the real time issues of slow and lazy working of the system.

Technical Information

After its latest update on September 15, 2016, the size of its current version,, is just 7.9M. You don’t need the latest Android version to install and run it but Android 3.0 and above can enjoy its benefits.

Download Google Play Link: Systweak Android Cleaner

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    Really Work.Speed up my phone and clean all unnecessary junk files.Nice information,Thanks for sharing.

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