With the mobile devices becoming more and more sensitive and with the upcoming flood of newer, highly useful or even useless apps, the mobile devices are facing increasing threats of different types. Great majority of the apps are downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store where hundreds of newer apps are uploaded daily. If they are made by the trained and highly experienced developers and with good intentions, these apps prove to be an asset for your smartphone otherwise if you have added or downloaded some app from source, other than Google Play Store, they may be a source of extreme threat for your smartphone. The wrong type of app may cause the files of your mobile phone to work slow or altogether stop working, causing you to face embarrassing situation.

Most of the apps, running in the current versions of Android smartphones and devices, are downloaded from the Google Play Store. These apps are required to be protected from the viruses, misuses or the accidental crash. The best method to protect the apps, currently running in your Android device, is to lock them, appropriately. You may lock the apps in your Android phone by any of the following locks:

  • You may protect your entire privacy with password
  • The access to the specific or all the apps may be prohibited by locking them with the use of specific lock pattern
  • Another method of the app safety is fingerprint lock – this feature of apps is currently available for the Android Marshmallow devices.

All these locks, provided by the World-famed AppLock app, are widely applied in 50+ countries. More than 100 Million users who are the speakers of the globally-spoken 24 large languages have downloaded, installed and are currently enjoying the AppLoack. Out of these 100 million users, 3,528,388 have recommended this to be best for your Android devices as well.

app-lock-lock-screen-optionsWhat You Can Lock with AppLock?

  1. Apps Lock: The apps, which can be protected with AppLock, from misuse or accidental encryption by locking them may include:
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp Messenger
  • Gallery app
  • Messenger
  • SMS services
  • Smartphone contacts
  • Gmail by Google
  • Android phone settings
  • Incoming calls
  • And any app, chosen by you.
  1. Privacy Protection: You may ensure security of your privacy and prevent any unauthorized access, usage, attack or break of guard privacy. When your privacy is locked, no one can enter your private arena without your permission, password, fingerprint or the pattern lock.
  2. Safety of the Picture Gallery: The major problem of the smartphone users is the safety and protection of the privacy of the personal pictures, photos taken with your phone camera or the videos, recorded by your own Android device or downloaded.
  3. Hide your Photos & Videos: You may vanish or hide your chosen pictures and videos, available in the Gallery. Only those photos or videos can be seen which are left open and visible in the photo & video vault of your smartphone device.
  4. Security of the Private Memories: Private memories are the most valuable and precious asset in your personal mobile device. You would not want these secrets to be left open, exposed to others or to the public at large. So, you may lock them as well, precisely and securely.
  5. Keyboard and Pattern Lock: AppLock has been designed with a random keyboard along with an invisible pattern lock – which can be applied by you only. So, without exposing or revealing the password or pattern, you may apply them easily, quickly and even with extreme safety.

When There I No Worry with AppLock!

At least, few of the following worries can be forgotten while AppLock is in your use:

  • This is a common worry that friend or the borrower may waste your high-cost download limit by downloading videos, docs, games or other data while playing with your Android device without your approval. Now, never worry about such misuse while AppLock is installed in your Android.
  • If you are using a common official mobile device, such as, tab, your colleagues or workmates may enter your private gallery and see your very personal and private photos or videos which may even destroy your entire personal life, married life or entire career. Now, never to worry by such unauthorized excursion.
  • Some of the data may be so precious, secret or personal that it can be a total disastrous if explored, without the due permission. Now, never worry about this as well.
  • Some of the apps, videos, photos or such other data may be highly dangerous or prohibited for the kids. In addition to that, the kids may upset the specific settings, send wrong messages, call unnecessarily or pay for the downloading of the paid apps. Now, don’t worry.


Other Prominent Features

Don’t think that the AppLock is there to lock the important apps. There are many other features which may prove to be more significant and noteworthy for your Android phone.

Let’s have a closer look upon the other prominent features as well.

  1. Similarly, you may hide or unhide AppLock icon from the home screen of your Android phone.
  2. Similarly, Location Lock may be activated to lock or unlock location, as per set time or location. For example, if you are willing to unlock or lock your location when you are at a specific set location, it is possible with AppLock to set.
  3. If you are willing to lock or unlock your device at a given time, you may activate and set time lock to work as auto-lock / unlock at the set times.
  4. If you are willing to make a special profile for some of the users, not available currently, the customized profiles may modify and unlock different locked app groups. So that, the locks can be changed, quickly.
  5. There are many profiles, along with the default ones. You may, now, unlock any of them or all, including the Guest profile at your choice.
  6. To make a particular picture to remain before you all the time, it is a good idea to make it a customized background by setting it as the wallpaper for the app screen.
  7. Beautiful Themes: To make AppLock more applicable and attractive, many beautiful and gorgeously designed themes are available. If you are bored with your current theme or don’t like it, you may change it.
  8. Photo & Video Vault: A specially designed Photo & Video vault, to hide your pictures, selected and desired by you, is a typical feature in AppLock.
  9. Lock functions: As described above, the basic function of the AppLock is security of the apps by locking them with password lock, pattern lock or upcoming fingerprint lock (the same is available, for the time being in the Marshmallow devices only).
  10. The advanced protection, as provided in the AppLock, is assigned the task to prevent AppLock from being killed by the default task killer or similar such app. This is highest of such protection for its own protection.
  11. Random keyboard saves the other nearby people to look at or peep in to see the PIN code. Only you can work on it.
  12. Fingerprint and forced stopped cover built-in lock switch in AppLock can lock:
    • WiFi
    • Bluetooth
    • Mobile data
    • Sync
  13. AppLock widget is a popular tool where you may activate / deactivate AppLock with just one tap of your finger.
  14. Now, no need to open the hidden locks as per your convenience as quick lock switch has been placed in the notification bar to perform lock / unlock anything, quickly.
  15. Sometimes, you may feel the need to lock the incoming personal phone calls, especially, when your device is with your friends or colleagues. Now, with AppLock, you may lock the incoming calls as well with the help of AppLock.
  16. Kids lock is a must device for the modern home appliances. In the Android phones, you may conveniently, lock system settings in order to prevent kids from creating mess in your Android device when your devices is in the control of kids.
  17. Locking the Google Play is a highly desirable feature to prevent the users to buy games, apps or something like these from the store. Using this feature may keep you from worries of misuses.
  18. If you frequently work with device to exit usage for a short duration, activate your AppLock to have a brief exit, i.e. allowing to exit with no need to apply the password, pattern or fingerprint within the set time.
  19. When you have paid good amount to download and installed some of the high-priced apps, these must be protected from accidental or intentional deletion.
  20. The AppLock can also set your phone to use low memory during some of the tasks. This is essential for the fast and speedy phone performance.
  21. One more features in AppLock is about the power saving mode in order to save excessive drain of the battery.

Technical Information

After the update on July 14, 2016, the size and the version of the AppLock depends upon the Android device.

Offered By: DoMobile Lab, 17/F, Wheelock House, 20 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Email: support@domobile.com

Download from Play Google: AppLock

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