Cortana tip cards are needed to be activated and configured in order to get the best results and output from the Cortana. To facilitate the Windows and other operating systems users, Microsoft has introduced, Cortana, a new artificial agent which in fact is a cloud-based personal assistant. It is designed to work across all your Microsoft devices, though Cortana is also available for the other operating systems, such as, the Android and iOS as well.

Cortana works best when you have signed in and allows the Cortana to apply your private and public data from your computer, laptops and other mobile devices. But, you must also allow the Cortana to apply your personal data related to different tip cards. These cards are directly related to the Cortana tips and notifications which Cortana provides and sends to the Cortana and Windows 10 users. When these tip cards are activated, and enabled, Cortana can send different messages, notices and the tips to the users of Cortana. If these tip cards are not activated, you cannot receive the different Cortana notifications.

So, let’s learn to activate and enable the Cortana tip cards which is a few step process. For the purpose, just follow the tutorial:


1: Click or tap the search icon, placed at the bottom left side of the task bar but before the ‘Start’ button in the Windows 10 desktop. It will open up an upward popup menu.2: Click or tap the icon of ‘Notebook’, in the upward popup menu, placed at the upper portion of left column. It will open up the screen of ‘Notebook’ of Cortana. 3: Here, at the ‘Notebook’ screen, click or tap the ‘Cortana tips’. It will take you to the screen of ‘Cortana tips’.4: At the ‘Cortana tips’ screen, see; the ‘All tip cards & notifications’ are disabled and deactivated. It is obvious by the switch which is ‘Off’.5: To activate the ‘All tip cards & notifications’, click or tap the switch to enable it. When it will be enabled, see; all the followings will be activated as they will appear upon the screen:

  • Tip cards
  • Tip notifications
  • Skill notifications

6: To save the ‘Cortana tips’, click or tap the ‘Save’ button.

So, from now onward, the all the tips and notifications, Cortana sends to the user of the Windows 10, will be activated.

That’s all!

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