Sleep Mode has been a popular option among the Windows users which has been introduced by the Microsoft to facilitate to shut down in order to save and conserve battery and power in the laptops and other mobile devices, running the Windows 10. These options are related to the shutdown and other related options, such as, restart, hibernate or the sleep mode.

The sleep mode is a power saving mode which stops the working of any running computer and its operating system. It works like the DVD movie, which when paused, stops every step of the running movie at the moment and the scene but the DVD player is in operable position with full power consumption is going on. When you applies the ‘Sleep’ mode option, computer stops with all the documents and applications, currently running, and are put in the memory but computer is still in the running condition. Though, the computer is still running but it goes deep in the low-power consumption state. If you resumes the computer working, it immediately resumes normal working position with full scale power operations within the short period of few seconds. Technically, the sleep mode is a substitute term for the ‘Standby’ mode which was widely used in the previous versions of Windows OS.

When the Sleep Mode is Best One?

The sleep mode is normally used when you want to stop the working upon computer for a short time but still want all the applications and the documents in open mode, i.e. running position. Typically, computer consumes much less power while in sleep mode. If you want the computer to start, abruptly, with minimum delay, then the sleep mode is the best one. But, still you will have to go through normal login as normal.

The sleep option is the best one for those office employees, people working in the libraries or the homes who are required to stop working upon the computers for a short periods but still they don’t want to abort their working upon it. They want all the documents, files, folders or application to be intact while the computer operators are away from the computer and they don’t want others to see their current working in their absence.

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