Cortana, your cloud-based intelligent assistant in all the Windows-run computers, laptops and other mobile devices, is a very strong tools which can be of help to you even when your device is locked and you have not unlocked or signed in. There is a long list of task jobs which can be performed by Cortana, even if your Windows-operated, Android or iOS device is locked. Few of the tasks are listed below:

  • Setting Timer or alarm
  • Music or song playing
  • Taking quick and urgent notes

Though the Cortana is unlocked, by default, but in some cases, the Cortana may be locked by mistake. But, in any situation, this feature is ‘On’ by default. If this feature is not ‘On’, you may switch on this feature at any time. If this feature is ‘On’, you may see and access the following even when your device is locked:

  • Calendar app and its settings
  • Email checking
  • Message checking
  • Much of your personal data

So, this is best to check this activation to get the information and data even from the locked device.

If you are an expert Windows operator, you may apply the following command line:

Command Line: Cortana > Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen > Get fun facts, tips, and more from Windows and Cortana on your lock screen.

Otherwise, this activation process is a few step process but if you feel any difficulty, please see the step by step tutorial:

How to check the activation of Cortana to work upon the lock screen?

A: If you have not activated the ‘Get fun facts, tips and more from Windows and Cortana on your lock screen’, then no notification will be displayed from the Cortana at the top left corner of the lock screen of your device. If there is no notification, available on the top left corner from Cortana, it meant; the Cortana is not configured to work on locked screen.

B: If there is a notification from the Cortana, you may start communicating with it. To enjoy the services of Cortana on the lock screen, click or tap Cortana or alternatively say ‘Hey Cortana’. Here, the Cortana will recognize your voice and will immediately respond. In your absence, any other voice will not be recognized and Cortana will not respond, saving your personal data from the unauthorized users of computer or Windows 10.

C: If the Cortana notifications are not seen in the lock screen, then it is the time to activate the Cortana for the locked screen. So, continue to follow the tutorial:


1: Click or tap the ‘Start’ button upon the bottom left corner of the desk top of your Windows 10 to open up the ‘Startup’.

1a: Click or tap the ‘Settings’ button, placed in the bottom left corner in the left column. It will instantly open up the ‘Settings’ screen.


2: You may click or tap the icon of ‘Notifications’ at the bottom right corner of the Windows 10 desktop. It will open up an upward popup menu with four buttons of following:

  • Battery saver
  • Network
  • Brightness
  • All settings

2a: Tap the ‘All settings’ in the notification area to open up the ‘Settings’ screen of the Windows 10.

3: Both 1a and 2a will open up the ‘Settings’ screen. At the ‘Settings’ screen, click or tap the ‘Personalization’ tab to open up the ‘Personalization’ configuration screen.

4: At the ‘Personalization’ screen, click or tap the ‘Lock Screen’ in the left column of the screen to open the ‘Lock Screen’ settings screen.

5: At the ‘Lock screen’ screen, see’ the ‘Get fun facts, tips, and more from Windows and Cortana on your lock screen’ switch is not ‘On’, which is obvious from the colorless switch which is displaying ‘Off’ status.

6: Click or tap the button to switch on the feature. It will immediately change the color of the switch of the color, depicting that all the notifications and tips are now allowed to appear upon the lock screen of Windows 10.

To check the activation of the Cortana upon the lock screen of Windows 10, shutdown the Windows 10 and login again. The Cortana notification are seen upon the lock screen of your computer where you may call upon the Cortana to act upon your advice.

Let’ start enjoying the Cortana even upon the lock screen of your devices.

That’s all!

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