You may make changes in the power options to set the options as desired or as needed. The major step in such power option change process is the activation of the different options. In such options, you may select any option to include in the popup power menu, available at the startup. From here, you may select from the following:

  • Start
  • Sleep
  • Hibernate
  • Restart

To see the currently available power setting options, follow the simple process: Start > Power > Sleep / Hibernate / shutdown / Restart.

So, now, lets’ see; how to open up the screen where you may select these options to include them in the popup start options settings. These settings will allow you to choose the function that ‘Power’ button can do for you.

If you are an expert to run the Windows 10, you may follow the Command Line.

Command Line: Right Click Battery icon > Power Options > Choose What the Power Button Does > Change Settings that are currently unavailable.

But, if you are starter, here is the process to come to the screen to change the options. If you want some guidance, don’t hesitate to consult tutorial, placed below:


1: Right click or tap the ‘Battery’ icon placed at the bottom right corner of the ‘Notification Area’. It will, instantly’ take you to the ‘Control Panel Home’ at the ‘Power Options’ screen.

2: Click or tap the ‘Choose what the Power Button does’. It will take you to the ‘System Settings’ screen of power options.

Here, see; the four options, placed under ‘Shutdown settings’ are disabled, i.e. they are available for you to select the desired options.

3: To activate or enable these ‘Shutdown settings’, click or tap the ‘Change Settings that are Currently Unavailable’.

4: See; the click or tap will activate or enable four ‘Shutdown settings’ options, i.e. you may select and opt any option to be included in the power button. That’s all!

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