Stress is the dilemma of millennium 2K. The stress-free environment is the need of the day for every commercial as well as a non-commercial organization specifically for the educational institutions. The first objective of the study was to identify some of the stresses which are disturbing the organizational environment and then to measure the level of stress for the faculty. For the purpose, an old but very useful tool ‘Social Readjustment Rating Scale’ developed by Holms and Rahe (1967) was modified to work effectively in the Eastern Culture. For the purpose, the opinion of seventeen concerned experts was secured and in the light of the same, the Scale was modified and used for the study.

Stress-ManagementThe findings of the study indicated that the stress level in private sector business institutions was 27 for the faculty but for the faculty having Ph.D. qualification it touched a horrible level of 138. The most stressful events identified to be those having non-professional nature. The impact of the stress was also awe-inspiring. Faculty reported that quality, the standard of education as well research activities; all are sure to suffer when stress is there and the faculty is not able to cope the stress. The faculty is relying upon the traditional techniques of ‘discussing with others and offering prayers’ which need to be improved and given scientific approach. Need is there to arrange stress management programs for the students as well as faculty like many foreign universities do.

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