The Study just completed, was the first study of this type in Punjab University. It used ‘Enneagram Leadership Model’ a comparatively newer model of motivational theories. The main objective of the Study was to identify the leadership style(s) of the directors of the institutes of the Punjab University.


The subjects of the study were directors of the institutes of the Punjab University while the sample units were taken from the faculty of the institutes. Deans of the faculties were also asked their opinions.

Three different questionnaires were developed for the purpose; one for the directors, the other for the faculty and third for the deans and the Vice Chancellor. Eight directors out of total eleven and 35 faculty members out of 161 were given the questionnaires. Five directors and 21 faculty members responded.

When the data collected was analyzed by putting it in SPSS, the male and female jointly identified the 5th Style (Synthesizer) with a mean of (3.6667). When the data collected from female respondents was put in SPSS, the figures again appeared as same 5th Style (Synthesizer) with a mean of (3.8500). However, the male respondents identified the 1st Style (Idealist) with a mean of (3.7590).

When the data collected from the deans, directors and faculty was analyzed, it came to know that neither any director was convinced of training session regarding leadership nor he / she had ever attended such session. While Dr. Koh Hian Chye, Dy. Dean of Nanyang Business School spoke high of the importance of training and development to change the leadership style.

At the end suggestions to improve the leadership styles were made.

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