By default, all icons are displayed with icon labels under them. Icon labels play an important role in the smooth functioning of any operating system as they provide recognition to the different apps. The icon labels are not only important for the new users of OS but are equally important for the seasoned users as they have to use many many newer apps with differing and strange icons.

But for few people icon labels may be annoying as many people don’t like congested Home screen. So, Android has designed newer versions of KitKat to hide or show the labels of icon but at the discretion of the users.

You may also show or hide the labels of icons but you need a little guidance, please do not hesitate to see the instructions.


1: Tap anywhere on the lower half of Home screen of your Android 4.4.4 KitKat device to open up ‘Open / Close Menu’. Alternatively, you may press any pre-configured button to open up this menu.HideIconLabels-12: Now, tap and drag the lower part of ‘Open / Close Menu’ upward to expose HOME SCREEN SETTINGS screen.HideIconLabels-23: See at the HOME SCREEN SETTINGS, the current status of ‘Icon Labels’ is ‘HIDE’.HideIconLabels-34: Back to the Home screen – see the icon labels are hidden.HideIconLabels-65: If you want to show the ‘Icon Labels’, tap the ‘Icon Labels’ on the HOME SCREEN SETTINGS and its status is changed.HideIconLabels-56: At the Home screen – see the icon labels are shown under the icons.HideIconLabels-4That’s All!

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