Being internet intensive, Android 4.4.4 KitKat devices have the option to display the search bar right on home screen so that you may start surfing on Internet immediately after unlocking your Android device. You may display the search bar right on the Home screen of your Android device but at your own wish. If you don’t wish to display search bar at your home screen, you may hide it. But keeping its benefit of immediate usage for surfing online, search bar is preferred by majority of the Android users.

You may show or hide search bar on the home screen of your Android device in a few taps but you may see the instructions if something is not clear.


1: Tap anywhere on the lower half of Home screen of your Android device for a while. It will open up the ‘Open / Close Menu’. Alternatively, you may use any of the configured Android device buttons to open up the ‘Open / Close Menu’, provided you have already done it for the purpose.SearchBarHome-22: Tap the lower part of the screen and drag it upward. It will open up the HOME SCREEN SETTINGS.SearchBarHome-33: See the current status of ‘Search Bar’ is ‘OFF’.SearchBarHome-44: If you want to switch ‘ON’ the ‘Search Bar’, just tap the ‘OFF’ and it will be switched ‘ON’.SearchBarHome-55: Back to Home screen and see the ‘Search Bar’ is displayed there. You may start using the ‘Search Bar’ right from this point – bur remember you need Internet access for the Online surfing.SearchBarHome-6That’s All!

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