If you have just acquired the iPad and anxious to start using it, what you need to do is to:

  1. Firstly download the iTunes, the official software of the Apple for accessing the Apple store with your computer.
    1. In case you already have iTunes installed in your PC, just update it to at least version 9.1 otherwise it would not recognize your iPad.
    2. After getting the iTunes installed, setting all and launching, connect the iPad to your PC by using the connector cable which is available with the iPad. Here, your iPad device will be detected, automatically, and then set up will begin.
    3. Here select the option ‘Register Later’ which would appear on the ‘Welcome’ screen.
    4. Now, log on to your iTunes account or if you do not have the one, create a new one with your own settings.
    5. And yes, do not forget to skip the MobileMe trial for now.
    6. Next, you will get to the sync screen and two choices will be offered to you:
      1. Restore set up from a iPad Touch
      2. Set up as a New iPad
  2. I hope you would feel it to be more comfortable to just restore backup from an 8GB iPod Touch than selecting the option, ‘Set Up as a New iPad’.
  3. In case you do not want to restore a previously set of backup (of if you do not have one) click ‘Set Up as a New iPad’ and choose your own iPad sync settings.
  4. Once syncing process is complete. A message will appear. ‘iPad sync is complete’.
  5. Click OK to disconnect.

And Congratulations, your new device, iPad, is ready to be used.

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