WPC 2013 by Microsoft is being arranged from July 7 to 11 in Houston, Texas where attendances are expected to listen to the speakers, focusing on the Modern Life of Technology. As expected, 16,000+ attendees from over 160 countries are to expected to discuss and, possibly, showcase the wider areas of being modern which includes:

  • Cloud
  • Big data
  • Mobility
  • Enterprise Social.


Five Easy Steps t​o Get Started to Connet

  1. It is almost possible to join WPC Connect whether you have been registered for WPC or not
  2. Simply, start building your profile by adding your photo then and tags about yourself
  3. Now, include your introduction by starting a discussion or, alternatively, adding your comments to a lively discussion session
  4. You can browse the list of people or to search by keyword to explore community attending the event
  5. Still possible to learn more about the coming sessions and content that is going to be presented at WPC 2013.

Via: WinBeta,
Source: WPC 2013
Image Source: DigitalWPC

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