With the release of Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), Google has made many changes in the latest (not really) version of its mobile OS. Among those changes is the hiding of ‘Developer Options’ from Settings menu of your Android device running Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).

Yes, Google has hidden the Developer Options from the Settings Menu in Android 4.2 assuming that you are not a develop but, incase, you really are then, you don’t have to worry that it has been removed from your Android device’s settings.

Google hasn’t removed anything from your Android device instead, some tweaks have been made which hides the Developer Options and few more options from Settings and other menus of your Android device.

Getting the Developer Options back in your Android 4.2 device is very easy and takes just seconds. Just follow the instructions below to get the Developer Options back on your Android device.


  • First of all, go to the ‘Settings‘ and navigate to the end. You will see the ‘About Phone‘ option. Press it.
  • Your ‘About Phone‘ option(s) will open. Here you will see the ‘Build Number‘ option at the end of the menu.

Tip: That ‘Build number’ option holds the key to get the ‘Developer Options’ back.

  • Now, tap the ‘Build Number‘ 7 times simultaneously one after another. Once pressed three times, you will see a message that ‘you are 4 taps away from being a developer‘. Press 4 more times and Bingo! your ‘Developer Options‘ would be back.
  • That’s all! Your ‘Developer Options‘ menu is back in ‘Settings‘.

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