Calls from private numbers (the numbers, identity of which are hidden, purposefully) is a hot issue for the mobile users. Many people take undue advantage from the facility of the hidden calling numbers and disturb other people. Though many apps are there in the Google App Store to address this issue but Android has also added a simple feature which may solve your this problem, instantly and immediately to some extent.


You may solve this problem, instantly, at your own but if you need any guidance, do not hesitate to consult the instructions.

Command Line: Settings – Home > Privacy – PERSONAL > Blacklist.


1: Tap icon of ‘Settings’ at the Home screen of your Android 4.4.4 KitKat device to open up the ‘Settings’ screen.KitKat-Block-Private-Numbers-12: At the ‘Settings’ screen, scroll down to the PERSONAL section and tap the ‘Privacy’.KitKat-Block-Private-Numbers-23: At the ‘Privacy’ screen, see the status of the ‘Blacklist’ is ‘Disabled’. Tap ‘Blacklist’ to change this status.KitKat-Block-Private-Numbers-2a4: At the ‘Blacklist’ screen, see the switch, placed at the top right corner of the screen, to show the status of the app, is OFF. Further, see a message from the Android shows that if you want to blacklist calls and/or messages, enable the blacklist.KitKat-Block-Private-Numbers-2b5: To enable the blacklist, tap and drag the switch, given at the top right corner of the screen, to change the status of the blacklist from OFF to ON. See immediately after changing the status to ON, the message form the Android is also changed, i.e. now it tells you that you do not have any blacklisted number and now you may add numbers in the list.

6: Tap the settings button of ‘Blacklist’ screen, given at the bottom right corner of the screen. It will change the settings of the screen.KitKat-Block-Private-Numbers-37: See the status of the ‘Private numbers’ is; ‘Don’t block calls from private numbers. To change this status, tap it. It will open up a prompt.KitKat-Block-Private-Numbers-48: See ‘Block incoming call’ on the ‘Private numbers’ prompt is not checked, i.e. disabled.KitKat-Block-Private-Numbers-59: Tap the ‘Block incoming calls’ on the prompt, named; ‘Private numbers’ to check & enable and tap ‘OK’ to confirm and save the change. KitKat-Block-Private-Numbers-610: See the status of the ‘Private’ numbers’ on the ‘Blacklist’ screen is changed to ‘Block incoming calls from private numbers’.KitKat-Block-Private-Numbers-711: Go back to the ‘Privacy’ screen. See the status of the ‘Blacklist’ is also changed to ‘Incoming calls and messages from blacklisted phone numbers will be blocked’.KitKat-Block-Private-Numbers-8From now onward, your Android device will only allow those numbers which are not hidden and all calls and messages from private (hidden) numbers will be blocked.

That’s all!

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