Sending too many messages from your Android device may create hurdles in the incoming calls path, causing communication disruption. The message sending must be within reasonable limits or adjusted accordingly otherwise the normal working may be disturbed. Android device has the feature which allows the device users to set the limit of message sending so that other features of the Android device may not be disturbed. Actually, the Android has set a limit of the message sending by default but you may adjust it according to your need or requirements.

To change the default settings, you may get the help from the instructions.


Command Line: Settings – Home > Security – PERSONAL > SMS message limits.

1: Tap the icon of the ‘Settings’ on the Home screen of your Android 4.4.4 KitKat device to open up the ‘Settings’ screen.KitKat-Message-Limit-in-30-Min-12: At the ‘Settings’ screen, scroll down to the PERSONAL section and tap the ‘Security’.KitKat-Message-Limit-in-30-Min-23: At the ‘Security’ screen, see the status of ‘SMS messages limit’ in the APP SECURITY section is 30 messages in 30 minutes before confirmation is required is set by default.KitKat-Message-Limit-in-30-Min-34: If you want to change the status, tap ‘SMS messages limit’. It will open up a prompt with a list of message limits.

5: At the ‘SMS message limit’ prompt, see the 30 messages in 30 minutes is set by default. You may change this default limit at your end.KitKat-Message-Limit-in-30-Min-46: To change the limit, tap any limit. It will take you, instantly, back to the ‘Security’ screen.KitKat-Message-Limit-in-30-Min-57: See the status of the ‘SMS message limit’ is changed to 50 messages in 30 minutes.KitKat-Message-Limit-in-30-Min-6That’s’ all!

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