Description of Prominent Features

Typical live wallpapers have unique features of the computers and laptops which give the computer or laptop users a sense of soothing and peaceful relaxation while operating the computers. The live wallpapers, developed by the ‘StuckPixel, Inc. are particularly designed for the high quality Mac computers and the laptops. When you are tired of working upon the computers, this is time to relax for a while. So, at the juncture, if you want to be a little relaxed and refresh yourself, the live wallpapers are the best source of soothing and mental comfort.

When you have downloaded and installed the Wallpaper Live for your Mac computers and laptops, you will feel the difference with the slow motion scenes which are captured with seamless loops. Such wallpapers are considered as the best ones for any computer or laptop.

Family Sharing

Typically, up to six family members may use these wallpapers when the Family Sharing is enabled.

Why You Must be At Least 17 Years to Download the Wallpaper Live?

The Wallpaper Live developers are of the view that the people below 17 years must not download this app because:

  1. There may be infrequent intense and suggestive themes for the mature people.
  2. There may be some of the mild cartoon which may present the fantasy violence and so on.
  3. Some of the wallpapers may have the scenes of mild alcohol, drug usages or at least their references.
  4. Some of the themes may present the mild gambling stimulation.
  5. Minor and mild sexual content and nudity may also be present in some of the scenes.
  6. The touch of the mild horror or the themes of fear may also be present.
  7. The touch of light vulgarity and crude humor may also be felt.
  8. Realistic sense of violence may also be available.

Technical Information & Details

Developer and Seller:

 StuckPixel, Inc.

Size 7 Space Required for Installation:

 191.2 MB



Compatibility with Mac OS:

 OS X 10.6 or later

Compatible Language:



 © StuckPixel, Inc.



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