Football kicks is a newly updated game app for you if you are a football lover and wish to play Online football and making great kicks. This great Online football game, developed by Distinctive Games, can be downloaded free from the Apple App store. If you want to be good footballer, you may learn the fundamental techniques while playing this game.

Let’s have a look upon some of the prominent features of Football Kicks.

Prominent Features

1: The new football game, named; Football Kicks, is now available at the App Store in association with different leagues, various rich modes and significantly improved graphics & colors.

2: The huge popularity of this app is evident from the fact that this game has been downloaded by the 12 million times for the different Apple smart devices and has been rated with 4 stars.

3: The Football Kicks can be played as the multiplayer game as well and its one distinction is its World modes which enables it to be played globally, beyond the boundaries.

4: Football Kicks is about developing and mastering your skills in the free kicks.

5: While playing the Football Kicks, you may earn the kits and your favorite locations by applying the blood, sweat and the tears.

Seven Game Modes in Football Kicks

The seven game modes, converting this game into the action-oriented game, include; multiplayer option, completely customizable, unlockable stadiums space and many other interesting ones. These seven game modes converts these app game into the number one free game for all football players and fans, around the globe.

What Makes this Game Your Game?

This game can be modified in such a way to make this your game. You may personalize the player like your favorite football legend hero. Alternatively, you may create your own legendary player which may become a model and legend for the futures to come.

Multiplayer Hours of Fun Packed Modes

There are six different single player game modes which are:

  1. Beat the Golie
  2. Beat the Wall
  3. Beat the Clock
  4. Cross the Ball
  5. Beat the World
  6. Sudden Death

When you are in the multiplayer modes, you may challenge and compete your friends from around the World to play Football Kicks.

You may swipe the controls, just intuitively, across the screen of your iPhone to have a control of your shot. You may even make better kicks by practicing the kicks and perfecting the swipe controls.

What are the New Features in the Updated Version of Football Kicks?

With the updated version 1.5.8, released on September 16, 2017, you may find the following changed and updated features in game:

1: Now, the game has been added with 64 bit support.

2: Increase free coins have been rewarded to enjoy the videos.

3: The updated version of the game has been provided with the status bar to show during the game play.

4: Different bugs have been fixed as well to make the game more stable and smooth.

Technical Information for Smoother Uploads

Game Developers & Seller:  Distinctive Developments Ltd
Occupied Size in Phone Memory:  65.9 MB
App Category:  Games
Compatibility with Versions:  Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Supported Languages:  English
Average Rating:  Rated 4+
Copyright Status:  © Distinctive Developments Ltd
App Price:  Free
In-App Purchases:
2500 Football Kicks Coins: xx.xx
1000 Football Kicks Coins: xx.xx

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