For the students of all levels, college, universities and even for the office workers, the Microsoft Office 2016 and 365 are like blessing. Being the student friendly organization, many free and yet great college tools are available for the students which are free. These tools are available as built-in in the Microsoft Office 365 but can be downloaded, free, from the site of Microsoft for other version of Microsoft Office.

These college tools are made to work with following application of Microsoft Office:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word

What you need to to do to enjoy working with these tools is:

  1. Visit the site of Microsoft > Templates / College Tools – Excel/Word
  2. Select any Tool / Template of your choice
  3. Sign in with the Microsoft Account
  4. Download the Template in your OneDrive Free Online storage provided to you by Microsoft
  5. Download it from your OneDrive storage to your machine or mobile, whenever needed
  6. Use it in your concerned Office application.

And enjoy its enormous benefits.

If you are not willing to spent time to visit Microsoft site and to search, just select any template from the list of the College Tools, available blow, and press / click it to visit its site, directly, and download it for usage.

Microsoft Excel Templates

  1. College Course Manager
  2. Roommate organizer
  3. My college budget
  4. College loan calculator
  5. Weekly college schedule
  6. Assignment schedule
  7. Homework schedule
  8. Student calendar (Mon)
  9. College expense estimator
  10. College budget
  11. College credits tracker
  12. Student assignment planner
  13. Student schedule
  14. Semester at a glance
  15. College year planner
  16. Homework calendar
  17. Class schedule

Microsoft Word Templates

  1. Team wiki
  2. Student report with cover
  3. APA style paper
  4. College Course Manager
  5. APA style report (6th edition)
  6. Works cited list in MLA format
  7. General report
  8. Team report
  9. Reference Letter from Teacher
  10. Bold report
  11. Literature review
  12. Group thesis
  13. Student paper
  14. Book report
  15. Academic calendar (one month, any year, Monday start)
  16. APA style report (6th edition)
  17. Academic calendar (any year)
  18. Student calendar (Sun)
  19. 2016-2017 academic calendar
  20. MLA style research paper
  21. MLA styles
  22. APA styles
  23. Collaborative paper
  24. Student report
  25. 2015-2016 academic calendar
  26. Flyer
  27. Student report with cover
  28. MLA style paper
  29. Modern paper
  30. APA paper format
  31. MLA style research paper
  32. Research paper in MLA style

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