With the passage of time, more and more people are applying the ready-made tools for the financial calculations. In the near past, some of the calculations were made, manually, by applying complex mathematical and statistical formulas and techniques.

But, now with the advancement of the calculation sciences, more and more complex mathematical and statistical tools have been merged to form specific formulas. These formulas can be applied, successfully for the personal and domestic calculation of financial management issues.

Now, Microsoft has arranged to provide many such formulas in the shape of the templates for the Microsoft Excel 365 but can be applied in the Microsoft Excel 2016 as well.

To work with the templates, you must follow the follow procedure:

  1. Visit the site of Microsoft.com > Templates / College Tools – Excel
  2. Select any Tool / template of your choice which you think can work better to solve your problem
  3. To download, it is essential to sign in with the Microsoft account
  4. Now, download the required template in your OneDrive Free Online storage which is provided to all the Microsoft account holder – free of cost
  5. This template can be downloaded from OneDrive storage to your machine or mobile
  6. Use it in your concerned Office application

And enjoy its enormous benefits.

To save your time, you may select any of the template, from the list of financial management templates, given below, and press / click it to visit its site, directly, and download it.

  1. Annual financial report
  2. Balance sheet
  3. Cash flow statement
  4. Net worth summary
  5. Home loan comparison
  6. Expense journal
  7. Credit Card Payoff Calculator
  8. Tax expense journal
  9. Mortgage Loan Calculator
  10. Profit and loss
  11. Check register
  12. Personal money tracker
  13. Personal expenses calculator
  14. College loan calculator
  15. Data validation examples
  16. Family Budget Planner
  17. Payroll calculator
  18. Quarterly sales report
  19. Invoice tracker

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