One major disadvantage of the Wi-Fi is excessive battery drain which makes its users to be very conscious about the usage of the Wi-Fi. For the Android users, who prefer to remain connected with the Wi-Fi for a longer span of time, Android has a feature which enables the optimized usage of the battery when your Android device is connected to the Wi-Fi. If this feature is opted, the Android applies the state of the art technology to use minimum battery to run Wi-Fi and saves a lot of battery for the other functions of the Android device.

If you want to get benefit from this feature of battery optimization, the instructions may help you.


Command Line: Settings – HOME > Wi-Fi –WIRELESS & NETWORKS > Settings Popup Menu Button > Advanced > Wi-Fi optimization.

1: Tap the icon of ‘Settings’ on the HOME screen of your Android 4.4.4 KitKat device to open up the ‘Settings’ screen. KitKat-Battery Optimization 12: Tap the ‘Wi-Fi’ in the WIRELESS & NETWORKS’ section. KitKat-Battery Optimization 23: At the ‘Wi-Fi’ screen, tap the ‘Settings’ button, given at the bottom right corner of the screen. It will open up a popup menu. KitKat-Battery Optimization 34: Tap the ‘Advanced’ in the ‘Settings’ popup menu.KitKat-Battery Optimization 45: At the ‘Advanced Wi-Fi’ settings screen, see the ‘Wi-Fi optimization – Minimum battery usage when Wi-Fi is on’ is not checked, i.e. disabled. KitKat-Battery-Optimization-56: Tap the ‘Wi-Fi optimization – …………. ‘ to activate and enable this feature. KitKat-Battery-Optimization-6From now onward, the Android will use your battery, carefully and scientifically, while the Wi-Fi is connected. Now, you may remain connected with Wi-Fi for a longer period of time as the responsibility of battery optimization is shifted, to some extent, to the Android.

That’s all!

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