Financial gurus are wondering; whether a strategic deal between the Yahoo Inc. and Mountain View–based Mozilla Corp. to replace the Google with Yahoo as the default search engine in Mozilla Firefox, resulted in 9.72 % drop in GOOG’ (Ticker Symbol of Google Inc.). It is seen as the massive fall in value of GOOG since 2009 while the YHOO gained 7.87% in the same period. Was it due to the change in the U.S. Internet search market since Nov 2014? GOOG-FallsAs the Firefox, a search engine developed by Mozilla, is being used by almost 12% of the total Internet users of US, the deal, between the Yahoo and Mozilla seemed to hit hard on the Google’s share of the U.S. search market which fell from 79.3% to 75.2% in December, i.e. within a span of one month. On the other hand, share of search engine Yahoo increased from 7.40% to 10.4%, as reported by analytics firm StatCounter.

Source: Bloomberg

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