If you want to see and edit some of the options and operations of Microsoft Office Excel 2016, just click the ‘File’ button in the tabs row in the ribbon on top left corner of the window. Excel-File-1This will open up the backstage view of the Excel workbook with following details:

  1. Specific Info.
  2. New Doc Opening.
  3. Opening the different other workbook.
  4. Option to save the workbook and changes in it.
  5. The mechanism to save the current workbook wit different name and other details.
  6. Mechanism to print the data in the workbook.
  7. Sharing the workbook with people or to be used as email.
  8. Exporting the workbook for usage in any other set up.
  9. Publishing the workbook.
  10. Mechanism to close the workbook.
  11. How to manage the user Account?
  12. Other options of the workbook.


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