To make Office Word 2016 more and more easier to operate for the users, the Microsoft has included 25 commands, consisting of combinations of the different words, starting with ‘Ctrl+’ keys. You may add ‘Ctrl+‘ before any of the 25 English language alphabet, and any set action will be performed. You may use any of them for these commands to facilitate following operations:

  1. Ctrl+A = This command will ‘Select All’ the words / text in the current document
  2. Ctrl+B = If you have selected any word, line, paragraph or whole document, this command will make all the words ‘Bold’.
  3. Ctrl+C = To copy any of the selected text, use this command for pasting, anywhere else.
  4. Ctrl+D = If you want to make any change in the font of the text in Word doc, just type these keys and the Fonts interface will open up where you may change the font as desired by you.
  5. Ctrl+E = To arrange whole the text in centralized form, just apply this command and all the selected text will be centralized.
  6. Ctrl+F = If you want to find some specific word in your current text, press this command and an interface will appear on the left of the window. In this interface, you can write any word and the specific written word will be highlighted in the doc.
  7. Ctrl+G = If you want to go to specific page, section, line, bookmark, comment, footnote, end note, field, table, graphic, equation, object or heading, this command will open up an interface to visit the required piece of text.
  8. Ctrl+H = This command will open up an interface where you can search the required word and will replace it with your desired replacement.
  9. Ctrl+I = To make any text, Italic, select any word or text and press this command to make the docs italic.
  10. Ctrl+J = If you want to justify the text, select it and press this command.
  11. Ctrl+K = To link up any of the document with any other, this command will open up a popup, where you may do the needful.
  12. Ctrl+L = This command will make whole the selected text, justified, to the left.
  13. Ctrl+M = Use this command to indent the first line in the doc.
  14. Ctrl+N = This will open up a new blank document
  15. Ctrl+O = This command will open an interface where listed docs are available. You may browse and select any required doc.
  16. Ctrl+P = This command will open up a popup menu where you may manage all your printing jobs, as desired.
  17. Ctrl+R = This command will right-justify the text which is selected or where the cursor is, currently’.
  18. Ctrl+S = This will open up a popup interface where you may save and doc which is still not saved. If the doc is already saved and is being altered, accordingly, this command will save the changes, directly, in the doc without going into the interface.
  19. Ctrl+T = This command will shift the indent to the left.
  20. Ctrl+U = To underline any selected text, press this combination to highlight the text.
  21. Ctrl+V = To paste any copied text to the required place, apply this command combination.
  22. Ctrl+W = This will open up the popup to manage the safe exit of the doc after saving the text in the document.
  23. Ctrl+X = This will not only cut the selected text but also will enable the text, cut, for pasting anywhere.
  24. Ctrl+Y = To redo any action, performed recently before saving the text, this command will reverse the action.
  25. Ctrl+Z = If you want to undo something, this command is used.

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