In the new Microsoft Office Excel 2016, you may manage the three functions of collapse of Ribbon as a special button is available for the purpose at the top right corner of the Excel 2016. You may manage all the three functions of the Collapse Ribbon which are:

  1. Auto Hide Ribbon
  2. Show tabs
  3. Show tabs and commands
Application of the Collapse Ribbon Button

Just press or click the collapse button, on the top right corner of the Excel 2016. It will open up a popup menu with three options, mentioned above. Select and press the one appropriate option from this menu popup:

1If you will select the first option; ‘Auto hide button, the ribbon will disappear. If you want to show the ribbon, move the cursor on the top of the window and ribbon will appear. When you will remove the cursor from the top, the ribbon will disappear again.

2If you want to show tabs only, click the second button.

4To show the full ribbon, permanently, click the third option.

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