When you are resetting your Android smartphone to factory default or after upgrading the operating system to newer one, whole data is needed to be saved in any external card or other device, such as, SIM Card. Normally, the data is saved in SIM and is not affected by the upgradation.

After the rebooting of the smartphone, the previous data is washed and all the settings are set to default with no contact records in phone book. In this situation, you need to import contacts and other data from the SIM card.

This is an easy process but if you need help, see the instructions below.


1: Tap the ‘Dialer App’ icon at the bottom left corner of the home screen of your Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow smartphone to open up the Dialer App screen.MarshmallowImportFromSIM-12: Tap the ‘Settings’ button, at the top right corner of the Dialer App screen but immediately below the status bar. It will open up a popup menu.MarshmallowImportFromSIM-23: In the popup menu, tap the ‘Import/Export’. It will open up a popup screen named; ‘Import/export contacts’ with 4 options.MarshmallowImportFromSIM-34: Tap ‘Import from SIM card’. It will start reading data files from SIM card for a while.MarshmallowImportFromSIM-4

MarshmallowImportFromSIM-55: Then, it will open up a screen, named; ‘Select contacts to …….’ with a long list of contacts in your SIM card. Here; you may select the contacts to import from the SIM card to the phone book of your Android phone by tapping the contacts of your desire.MarshmallowImportFromSIM-65: Tap any contact and a popup screen will inform you that the selected contact is ready to be imported. Tap the ‘Import’ in the popup screen and the contact will be imported to your phone book.MarshmallowImportFromSIM-7That’s all!

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