In the day to day working of the Android OS, a normal user moves back to Home many times during a single session. It is really difficult to revert back to Home but what to do, it is to be done, frequently. Keeping this need of the Android users, Android has added a feature, which when activated, can be used to go back to the Home screen, directly.


This is just a few step process to enable this feature but if you need, see the instructions.


1: Tap the icon of the ‘Settings’ app on the Home screen of your Android 5.0.2 Lollipop device to open up the ‘Settings’ screen. Lollipop-Home-Button-12: At the ‘Settings’ screen, tap the ‘Buttons’ in the ‘Device’ section. Lollipop-Home-Button-23: At the ‘Buttons’ screen, see the status of the ‘Home key’ in the ‘Back key’ for the ‘Normal press’ is ‘No Action’. Tap it if you want to change the status or you want to assign some activity to the ‘Home key’. Lollipop-Home-Button-34: See the current status of the ‘Home screen’ is ‘No action’.Lollipop-Home-Button-45: You may choose any action for the ‘Home key’ from the list of actions. I selected ‘Home button’ and tapped it. You may select and tap your choice. It will take you back to the ‘Buttons’ screen. Lollipop-Home-Button-56: At the ‘Buttons’ screen, see the status of the ‘Home key’ in the ‘Keys’ section for the ‘Normal press’ is changed to ‘Home button’. Lollipop-Home-Button-6From now onward, whenever you need to go back to Home screen, you do not need to kill many running app but will go directly to Home screen, leaving all apps running in the background.

That’s all!

One thought on “How to Set Long Press Action for Home Button in Android 5.0.2 Lollipop?

  1. Yismen Jorge says:

    I’m looking for this tutorial, but on stock rom. I think you did it on CM or any other custom rom. Thank you anyway.

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