A unique feature, included in the interface of the Windows 10 by the Microsoft, is direct Start feature of restart, right from the Start. In the previous versions of Windows, one had to go to click the Shut Down button and then from the prompt, you had to click the ‘Restart’ button to restart the Windows operating system. This inconvenience has been removed in the newer version of Windows, i.e. Windows 10. Now, it is easier for the Windows users to restart the Windows operating system, directly from the Start. For the purpose, you may follow the following Command Line:

Command Line: Start > Power > Restart.


Note: Before attempting the ‘Restart’ just ensure that the ‘Restart’ option is included in the power menu. If it is there, then attempt it. If is not there, just follow another tip to include it in the ‘Power Menu’.

1: Just click the ‘Start’ at the desktop of the Windows 10 to open up a popup menu, called ‘Power Menu’. There are four different options, about the start or other related functions, as included by the users. Currently, I have added four following options in ‘Power Menu’:

  • Restart
  • Shut Down
  • Hibernate
  • Sleep

2: In the popup menu, ‘Power Menu’ click the ‘Restart’ and the Windows will immediately shuts down and will start ‘Restarting’. Now, you will have to go through routine login option as is required while going through the normal start process.

So, you will have to go through the routine startup stages, such as, going through the login options.

That’s’ All!

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