The wide and global popularity of the social media has helped the people to enjoy the socialization up to global level. Now, you may share your personal moments with anyone around the four corners of the World in a few second period. Now, no need to waste the time and waste money on the snaps – just take the snap with the phone camera and upload it on the social media, applying the new technological advancement of specific apps. One of the most popular and adorable app which is in maximum usage at the social media is Instagram.

Now, taking the benefits of Instagram, you may capture and, instantly, share the beautiful moments of your life with your friends, around the globe, at the Internet. This is the ideal app for the celebrities and other top heroes of the show biz or other spheres of life to remain in touch with your fan clubs.Instagram 1What you need is; just follow your friends, fans, family members, class fellows, college / university buddies, the colleagues or other social media people to see what they are up to at the time. In addition, search and discover other accounts of Instagram users, from around the globe, of your mind set and see what they are sharing which you might have loved.

Instagram has a community of 500 million global residents who frequently share and express themselves by sharing their best and beautiful moments of their day with you. Out of this community, 35,780,988 satisfied users recommend this app as best for you.

Best Applications of Instagram

  1. The 500 million users of Instagram use this app to post photos, images and videos you love most and you want to show them to your profile followers.
  2. To make raw images, taken, mostly, with your phone camera, better it is to edit these photos with available filters & other creative tools and then join different multiple small clips into one excellent and beautiful video. Now, upload it on Instagram so that may people may like it or adore it with the comments.Instagram 3
  3. If you want to add some pictorial story, you may upload multiple photos & videos – with no limit- to make your story more and more attractive and readable. The stories can be made near to real life moments with appropriate text and filters. Instagram will make them remove them after 24 hours and you will never see them again on your profile or feed.
  4. You may also read and view different stories at your own pace, uploaded by others you follow, as and when they appear in the bar at the top of the feed.Instagram 4
  5. The ‘Explore’ tab helps you to discover and explore different images, photos and video clips, from a large number of uploads from other accounts.Instagram 5
  6. If you don’t like public propagation of your private images, photos or videos, you may send them from ‘Instagram Direct’ as private messages, photos, videos and stories – Direct to your friends.Instagram 2
  7. Instagram has the system to share your photos, images, videos or clips to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks, instantly.

Technical Information

After the updated of Instagram on August 9, 2016, its current version and size vary with the brand, make or the version of the device. Typically, Instagram requires appropriate version of Android to download, install and operate properly.

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