Facebook beta on Android has picked up an update which doesn’t add any new features but, the interface of the social app has been revamped completely. The new interface is now more flat and some of the elements on the app have been made colorful.


The first thing with the Facebook beta app is that you will no-longer see the oval shaped buttons which seems beveled from center. The borders of the Facebook posts are now showed in simple color with no chrome outside them.

The notifications section has also been revamped where you just see the text on top of bluish background and there is nothing to differentiate between two notifications – only the blank space between two notifications determines two different notifications.


Some of the icons in the ‘More’ section have also been revamped with colorful ones where blue icon can be seen for ‘Find friends’ option whereas, green is for ‘Find apps’ and red for ‘Events’.


The Settings page has got any changes in interface nor anything has changed in the profile section.


Unfortunately, the new interface is appearing to random people only who are enrolled in the Facebook beta program. The new interface cannot be enabled from app update as well instead, its triggered on the server side by Facebook.

We will keep an eye out on the Facebook updates and will update you once the new interface is available for everyone.

Do you like the new flat Facebook interface?

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