Android 4.4.x Kitkat has got a lot of awesome features and one of them is the ability to view a pop-up preview of the new text or multimedia message which lets you quickly see the text message without the need to actually open the messaging app.

Pop up view of messages is very useful while you are using some other app(s) and want to quickly get a peek at the new received message. You can’t just view the new messages but, you also get the option to quickly reply to the message from that popup. You can also choose to reply by using the pre-determined templates.

Follow the instructions to enable pop up view in Messaging app of Android 4.4.x Kitkat.


  • First of all, launch Messaging app. Here open ‘Settings’ by pressing the three dots on top or bottom of screen.


  • Your Messaging options will open. Here select ‘Settings’.
  • In settings, look for ‘Show pop-up’ under ‘quick reply‘ section. Check it.


  • Now, whenever you receive a message, you would be showed a pop-up where you can view the received message as well as reply to them.


  • That’s all! Enjoy quick peeks at the messages and reply to them.

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