Widgets are, normally, used to perform some limited and small functions in the Android operating systems. Some widgets are placed on the lock screen of mobile devices while others work from the Home screen.

Android has provided many widgets along with the operating system which can be used, as and when needed. You may also use any of the available widgets which can be activated at any time, depending upon your need and requirements.

It is easy to place the widgets at your desired place but if you feel the need, see the instructions.


  1. Tap anywhere on the Home screen of your Android 6.0.x Marshmallow smartphone or device to open up the menu opener.

Marshmallow-Menu-Opener-12. At the menu opener, tap the ‘WIDGETS’ button, placed at the middle bottom of the screen. It will take you to the widgets screen with many built-in widgets.

Marshmallow-Menu-Opener-23. Scroll up or down to select the appropriate widget, as per your requirements.

Marshmallow-Menu-Opener-34: Now, there are 2 options:

  • Tap any selected widget to make it unstable so that it can be moved to any other location or screen. Now, drag it to the left of the screen to take it to the Home screen of your Android device.
  • Tap the selected widget for a while and see; the icon of the selected app is moved, swiftly’ to the Home screen of your Android device.

5. Now, at the Home screen – see; the selected widget is available at the Home screen of Android device but the menu opener state of Android is still open.

Marshmallow-Menu-Opener-5Just tap anywhere and the menu opener state is changed and restored to the full screen.

In some case:

6. As I selected ‘Clock’ widget for the Home screen, tapping at the menu opener state of the screen will open up a screen; ‘Custom clock’, with customization. Here, you may customize the clock widget which is placed at the Home screen.

If you agree with the default settings of the ‘Clock’ widget, just tap the ‘OK’ button, placed at the bottom of the screen. Marshmallow-Menu-Opener-6It will, instantly, take you back to the Home screen, where the widget is set now.

Marshmallow-Menu-Opener-7In case of other widgets, some other settings may appear or may not appear, depending upon the nature of the widget.

That’s all!

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