If you want to add any contact number to the ‘Blacklist’, please switch ON ‘Blacklist’ on your Android KitKat 4.4.2. For the purpose, I suggest you to visit our previous article on: How to Switch ON Blacklist in Android KitKat 4.4.2 Phone?  It is based on the following command line:

Command Line: Phone Dialer > Settings > Call Settings> Blacklist > Switch ON.

It will make you understand; how to enable Blacklist.

When you have understood the process to switch ON the ‘Blacklist’, just follow the instructions to blacklist any contact.


Command Line: Blacklist > Add Contact > Edit blacklist entry.

1: When you have switched ON the ‘Blacklist’, tap the ‘+’ button, available at the lower right corner of the ‘Blacklist screen’. It will open up a prompt to edit blacklist entry.BlacklistKitKat1

2: The ‘Edit blacklist entry’ prompt here is used to enter new contact.

3: When you will tap on the place, set for the entry, a keyboard will appear below the prompt, helping you to enter the contact number. Write the contact number here with the help of keyboard.

4: Before tapping the OK to register the contact, you may select the 2 further options:

  • Block incoming calls.
  • Block incoming messages.

5: Close the popup menu by tapping OK.BlacklistKitKat23

6: See one more number is added in the list of blacklisted contacts at the Blacklist screen.BlacklistKitKat247: If you want to delete any contact from ‘Blacklist, tap the contact number. A prompt like previous will open up but with a little addition, i.e. ‘Delete’.

8: Tap the ‘Delete’ to delete the contact from the ‘Blacklist’. After asking your permission to remove the contact from blacklist, it would be removed.BlacklistKitKat26

9: See the contact is removed from the ‘Blacklist’ and only one contact is there in the ‘Blacklist’.BlacklistKitKat27That’s all!

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