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How to Blacklist Contact for Incoming Calls in Android KitKat 4.4.2?

If you want to add any contact number to the ‘Blacklist’, please switch ON ‘Blacklist’ on your Android KitKat 4.4.2. For the purpose, I suggest you to visit our previous article on: How to Switch ON Blacklist in Android KitKat 4.4.2 Phone?  It is based on the following command line:

Command Line: Phone Dialer > Settings > Call Settings> Blacklist > Switch ON.

It will make you understand; how to enable Blacklist.

When you have understood the process to switch ON the ‘Blacklist’, just follow the instructions to blacklist any contact.


Command Line: Blacklist > Add Contact > Edit blacklist entry.

1: When you have switched ON the ‘Blacklist’, tap the ‘+’ button, available at the lower right corner of the ‘Blacklist screen’. It will open up a prompt to edit blacklist entry.BlacklistKitKat1

2: The ‘Edit blacklist entry’ prompt here is used to enter new contact.

3: When you will tap on the place, set for the entry, a keyboard will appear below the prompt, helping you to enter the contact number. Write the contact number here with the help of keyboard.

4: Before tapping the OK to register the contact, you may select the 2 further options:

  • Block incoming calls.
  • Block incoming messages.

5: Close the popup menu by tapping OK.BlacklistKitKat23

6: See one more number is added in the list of blacklisted contacts at the Blacklist screen.BlacklistKitKat247: If you want to delete any contact from ‘Blacklist, tap the contact number. A prompt like previous will open up but with a little addition, i.e. ‘Delete’.

8: Tap the ‘Delete’ to delete the contact from the ‘Blacklist’. After asking your permission to remove the contact from blacklist, it would be removed.BlacklistKitKat26

9: See the contact is removed from the ‘Blacklist’ and only one contact is there in the ‘Blacklist’.BlacklistKitKat27That’s all!

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