As one of many precautionary measure, you must take immediately after acquiring your Android device, is to change and set the phone number of the newly acquired / purchased Android device. If you have recently got a new phone number, it is a good idea to remember it by writing it and assigning it to your Android device.

It is a simple feature to add number on the device. If felt, you may get help from these instructions.


1: Tap the icon of the ‘Phone Dialer’ on the Home screen of your Android 4.4.4 KitKat device to open up the ‘Mass Response’ screen. KitKat-Default-Caller-ID-12: At the ‘Mass Response’ screen of your Android device, tap the ‘Settings’ button, placed at the bottom right corner of screen. It will open up a popup menu.

3: In the popup menu, tap the ‘Settings’ to open up the ‘Call settings’ screen. KitKat-Default-Caller-ID-24: At the ‘Call settings’ screen, scroll down to the ‘Additional settings’ and tap ‘Additional settings’. KitKat-Default-Caller-ID-2a5: At the ‘Additional settings’ screen, tap the ‘My phone number’. It will open up a prompt.KitKat-Default-Caller-ID-3

6: At the prompt, you may type the phone number for this device, in the place set for ‘Set the phone number for this device’. Tap OK to save this number.KitKat-Default-Caller-ID-4That’s all!

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