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How to Find and Meet Your Crush and Love with Happn Dating App in iPhone?

If you are an iPhone users or using the iMesssge, Happn is the leading dating app for you. Its wide popularity is evident from the fact that currently more than 50 Million iPhone users are actively using it to search for their love and crush. With huge rating from the...

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How to be an Expert in Football Kicks by Playing Online Game for iOS 12 iPhone?

Football kicks is a newly updated game app for you if you are a football lover and wish to play Online football and making great kicks. This great Online football game, developed by Distinctive Games, can be downloaded free from the Apple App store. If you want to be good...

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How to Challenge Memory of Friends by Using MatchUp Friends in iOS 12 iPhone and iPad?

If you want to compete with the friends to challenge the memory, best mind game is Matchup Friends for finding pairs. This FREE GAME is designed to provide the opportunities to feel like hanging with your circle of friends to have a best past time and great fun. You would naturally...

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How to Send Messages with Bubble Effects in iOS 12 Operating System?

In iOS 12 operating system, the messages sending has been changed into the fun like activity. To make the messaging app more and more appealing and effective, revolutionary developments have been made in the messaging app. One major change in the messaging app is addition of effects, such as, the bubble...

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iOS 12 has Smoother Performance Faster and is More Responsive than iOS 11

Following the tradition of new operating system for the new versions of smartphones and tab devices, Apple launched the iOS 12 in September 2018, the new operating system for its long range of smart devices. Due to the typically found bugs and other operating errors, all the operating systems needs...

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Faster Performance for iPhone Phones is Number 1 Factor in New iOS 12

While operating the World’s fastest and the technologically advanced Apple devices, a stage comes when user needs the faster performance for their iPhones, iPads and even for their iPods. So, the developers at Apple also feel and thinks, similarly. This is why; the major emphasis on increasing the speed for...

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iOS 11 File App Lists all Apps at One Place in iOS Devices

One newly added feature in iOS 11, to be unfolded for the general public and users on September 19, 2017, around the World, is new File app. This new interface is embedded in the new iOS 11 operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod devise. In the previous operating systems,...

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iOS 11 New 21 Features Added Power to iPhone iPad and iPod

As per latest news, the newer version of iOS, iOS 11 will be available for the anxiously waiting iPhone, iPad and iPad users on September 19, 2017. Introduced at the WWDC on June 5 as beta version, 2017, the prominent features of iOS 11 were elaborated by Tim Cook, the...

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