If you want to compete with the friends to challenge the memory, best mind game is Matchup Friends for finding pairs. This FREE GAME is designed to provide the opportunities to feel like hanging with your circle of friends to have a best past time and great fun.

You would naturally love to download and install the great app but before doing so, you will also like to know and discover the prominent characteristics and the technical details of this fun and mind blowing game. So, let’s have a detailed explanation of the different aspects and features of the MatchUp Friends.

Prominent Characteristics of MatchUp, the Free Matching Cards Game

  1. While playing the MatchUp Friends, you may not only exercise your brain but also can have the free expression of your intelligence and memory.
  2. When you are playing MatchUp Friends, you are not only playing for the past time but also can sharpen your brain and enhance rather boost your memory retention ability.
  3. While playing this game, you can not only sharpen your memory & retention but you may learn to concentrate your mind upon some tasks.

Features of the MatchUp Friends

  1. You may invite and play with the millions of players from around the globe to impress the millions of people about your great mind blowing abilities and skills.
  2. Just challenge yourselves, your friends and even the class mates by inviting them to play this Online memory game.
  3. While playing the MatchUp Friends, you may join the community of friends and circles of people who love to sharpen their minds by playing the puzzle games.
  4. You may also attract your close friends to this experience of an addictive game like MatchUp Friends.
  5. During the play, you may chat and talk with your friends about the different aspects of the game.
  6. You may also tease and boost the morale when you or your friends are winning the game.
  7. For the play, you may explore and apply the different and varied themes of the game and patterns of the play.
  8. While playing the mind blowing game, you will earn the bonuses and some of the boosters which will keep on climbing your leaderboard.
  9. The game will never become bored as there are always new types and styles of the cards available to select from.
  10. To express your sentiments and excitements, you may discover the new emoticons to enhance your and your friends’ excitement levels.
  11. You may also avail the chances to confuse your competitors in the game with the sharpness of your mind.
  12. Always collect the unique card and their decks, won and earned during the memory matches, to apply them in your next matches and games.

So, Start Train and Sharp Your Mind as the MatchUp Friends can be Proven as the Best Mind Trainer as Well.

Technical Information for Installation

Update Jul 13, 2018
Version 1.1
Price Free
Size 350.1 MB
Category Game
Compatibility iOS 8 and above versions
iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Languages English, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish
Developers & Sellers CherryPick Games
Copy Right © Cherrypick Games
In App Purchases Starter Pack $1.99

Why to Play with the New Version of MatchUp Friends?

Bugs Fixation

The new version will not only fix many bugs, but also will introduce new feature of Atelier.

Introduction of Atelier

When you will download and play with the new version of MatchUp, you will also download the Atelier which is the new World of modern art pieces. While concentrating upon the Atelier, you will need to focus upon the minute details to win the match.

Family Sharing

A new aspect in the new version is the family sharing. Now, you can share this game with the six members of your family to play with.

So, don’t wait and download the new version of the MatchUp Friends to find the new pairs!

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