When you are willing to start a blog, what you need first is to learn to publish the articles or posts upon the WordPress blog platform. Publishing of the posts is a simple and few step process. Without learning to publish the posts upon the blog, you cannot be a good blogger or the freelance writer.

For the simplicity purposes, I have just posted a tutorial of only very basic nature which will teach you just the basics. Each new tip will help you to learn new techniques. If you are willing to learn to publish some posts upon your blog, follow the tutorial:


1: Open up the ‘Dashboard’ of your WordPress blog or website.

2: At the ‘WordPress’ blog ‘Dashboard, move the cursor upon the ‘Posts’ in the left side column of ‘Dashboard’ and a rightward popup will be opened up with the following items in the popup:

  • All Posts
  • Add New
  • Categories
  • Tags

3: To add up or publish new post, click ‘Add New’. It will open up the ‘Add New Post’ interface screen.

4: At the ‘Add New Post’ interface, write the name of the new post in the place, given immediately below the ‘Add New Post’.

5: As the good quality of posts are always published with at least one or more headings, click the popup download arrow, placed right to the ‘Paragraph’. It will open up a downward popup with many heading styles.

Note: In in the next posts, we will give more detailed tips about the heading and so on.

6: Click any one of the heading style. I opted for the ‘Heading 1’.

7: Now, write the heading for the post. It will be a bigger one.

8: Next, write the substance or the stuff of the post immediately below the heading. It will be written for the simple ‘Paragraph’ styled font. For the simplicity purposes, I wrote only one line of the post.

9: Now, the simple structure of the post is complete for publishing upon your blog or website. This post is without many necessary details which are essential for the good posts. So, to publish the post, formally, just click the ‘Publish’ button in the right column of the ‘Add New Post’ interface screen. After few instances, this click will publish the post, formally, at your blog or website.

10: You will be informed by the WordPress by changing the ‘Publish’ button into the ‘Update’ button.

11: To see the published post in your blog or website, open up your website or blog and your latest post is published over there.

Note: You may also see the published post, directly from your ‘Dashboard’ interface. A separate post will be published soon about this feature or seeing the post, directly from ‘Dashboard’ of your blog or website. 

12: To see the detailed post, just click your post or article in your website and the detailed post will be opened up.

For more WP Tips, stay tuned!

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