If you are a music or movie lover, what you want is the unlimited availability of the treasure of the music and movie videos to download and enjoy. Understanding this quest of general iPhone and iPad users and consumers, Apple has launched a huge treasure of 50 million music and movie files upon the iTunes Store which is available for the Apple consumers to download, listen / watch and enjoy.

Apple developers have arranged the best of 50 million music and movie videos in such an arrangement for you to shop the one you want on your Mac and PC appliances.

Here are few features of the treasure of the iTunes 50 million songs and videos.

Prominent Characteristics of iTunes Store

1: All the available audio and video songs are provided at the iTunes ‘ads free’ to make the streaming more and more smooth.

2: You may download whole the albums and the tracks of the audio and videos songs which can be listened even offline.

3: All the downloaded or copied audio and video music files can be stored in the specific iTunes library in your iPhone or iPad devices in the Apple Music Catalog.

4: You may avail the free 3 month trial period which is offered at no commitment basis and can be cancelled at any time at your wish.

Grand Movie Collection, You Wished

This is really the great time to download and choose movies from 100,000 movies, available at iTunes treasure. This collection is regularly updated with latest movies so that you will always find the latest movies in the collection.

Watching Movies at Apple TV 4K

If you are watching the one movie, downloaded from the great collection of 100,000 movies for the Apple TV 4K, you can enjoy your favorite movie in the 4K HDR. So, you can enjoy the hit movies of the time, anytime or anywhere – simply just tap to download and display the downloaded movie even without Wi-Fi.

Great Collection of Entertainment, Wherever You Are  

You can play, watch and enjoy whole the collection of audio and video collection at all the smart devices. Just buy or rent hot popular audio music song or rent the hit movie, download it and start playing. As whole the collection of the music and movies is available at the iClouds, these are available, instantly, and at anywhere.

Source: iTunes

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