Traditionally, Ludo has been a hot popular and widely played game among the children and adults alike in the different parts of the World. Now, you can play new version of Ludo Star with your friends Online at the iOS powered iPhone and iPad smart devices. This game is designed and developed for both iPhone and iPad, the mobile devices of Apple. This app has designed and converted your globally popular game of the childhood with various global rules and regulations. Now, you may play and enjoy the latest and the state of the art design for the game. The Ludo Star is rated as the one of the top rated ludo game for the iOS devices, such as, iPhones and iPads.

Let’s have a closer looks upon the different features of the Ludo Star, the game for iOS devices.

Salient Features of Ludo Star

Invite Family Members and Friends to Play Wit You:

1: This is easier to log in as you may log in with the Facebook and invite the family and Facebook friends to play the game with you Online.

2. If no friend at Facebook is available to play with you, you may play alone with random players.

Play Team with Team

3. You may play with the random player in the 2 or 4 matches. you may choose Team A, Team B and so on.

Play Different Variations of the Ludo

4. You may select the different variations of the Ludo, such as, Classic styled games, Master level game or Quick ones.

5. You may adopt your own rules of the childhood, for example, you may adopt the doubling of pieces, killing one before entering the home and so on.

6. If Online is not available, a new feature has been added to play offline as well.

Free Download

7. The game Ludo Star can be downloaded for free in your iOS device.

Facility of Chatting With Friends During the Game

8. The facility of the chatting with other players is also available while you may also send the emoticons to other players to express your emotions as well.

9. With the touch of 3D, when you are playing the Ludo Star, you may feel yourself to be playing the 3D ludo with the 3D dice.

10. You may make more and more friends while you are playing with the Game Buddies as well.

So, this is time to download this new version of the Ludo, roll the dice and enjoy this Online multiplayer game.

Important Technical Information for Game Download and Installation

Developers: GameBerry Labs Private Limited
App Category: Game
Updated on: September 28, 2018
Version of the App: 1.11
Downloading Size: 42.80 MB
Family sharing: Allowed
Compatibility: Compatible with the iOS 8.00 or later versions of iOS. Can be run upon the touch devices of iPhone, iPad or iPod.
Compatible Languages: English and Spanish

Source of Images: iTunes

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