In the near past, the time management and control on mobile devices was a difficult affair. The billing from the phone carriers for the usage of the phones was a horror dream for the phone users. Understanding the need of the time, the Screen Time was launched in the iOS 12 to manage the phone time utilization by the family members and kids.

The Screen Time can be configured to access real-time reports and how much time has been spent by you and your family members upon the iPhone and iPad. You may also set the new time limits for the different categories and for the different family members and the kids. The Screen Time can also allocate the time for the different apps and websites.

To configure the Screen Time for the initial setup, first step is to turn on the Screen Time. To understand to turn on the Screen Time, just follow the Tutorial:


  1. On the home screen of your iOS 12 powered iPhone or iPad, tap on the ‘Settings’.
  2. Now, tap the ‘Screen Time’ to open up and launch the Screen Time app.
  3. Tap ‘Continue’ to open up the initial interface.
  4. Here; select and tap ‘This is My (name of device).
  5. Alternatively, you may tap ‘This is My Child’s (name of device).
  6. From the concerned portfolio, you may check the report, prepared by the iOS 12, about the utilization of your iPhone or iPad, the different apps and the different websites, visited by the family member or the children. You may get and check the report, prepared by the Screen Time at any time, you want.
  7. You may either set, configure and create limits right upon the device of the kids or family members by applying the ‘Family Sharing’. For the purpose, just tap the ‘Family Sharing’ to configure the device of your child from your own iPhone or iPad. Similarly, you may apply the same ‘Family Sharing’ feature to see and check the reports of the usage of the phone time. You may adjust the time allocation from your own iPhone or iPad.

This is just the first tip to operate the Screen time. Stay tuned for the further tips to operate the Screen Time app of the iOS 12 for your iPhone or iPad.

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