Following the tradition of new operating system for the new versions of smartphones and tab devices, Apple launched the iOS 12 in September 2018, the new operating system for its long range of smart devices. Due to the typically found bugs and other operating errors, all the operating systems needs to be updated, periodically. But, there is a limit in such error eradication when the operating systems needs to be changed or modified, completely. This is time for launching the newer version of the operating system.

But, the case with iOS was a different one, as Apple has to upgrade and launch new version of iOS operating system to follow the tradition of providing latest software for its iPhone, iPad, iPod and iWatch. This is part of the fresh endeavor of the Apple to provide the best services to the Apple smartphone users and consumers.

Crux of the new iOS 12 platform is the smooth and quicker animation and app working. The new iOS users will enjoy the quickness and animation. So, I am of the view that the Apple’s claim is felt to be true.

If you want the different tasks, performed during the day upon the Apple devices, to be faster and quicker, the solution lies in the iOS 12 platform for the various Apple devices. To get the system working a little faster, the iOS 11 was refurbished and significantly improved for the iPhones, iPads and iPods. Apple has now extended its support for the wider range of its old devices, as old as iPhone 5S and iPad Air. Now, whole the range of iPhone and iPad devices, starting from iPhone 5S and iPad Air, can considerably work better while they are powered by iOS 12.

Let’s have a closer look upon the different improvements and enhancements of the performance in the different features of the iOS 12.

Smoother and Quicker Animations

Obviously, there will be the smoother and quicker animation of the apps and other operations of the iPhone devices. You will feel the difference when you will do multi-tasking, scroll in between the different active apps, work upon the Control Center and so on. During the normal functioning of the iPhone devices, you will find the different operations of the iOS 12 as smoother, flowing and quicker to respond.

Up to 40% Faster App Launch and Operations

To quench the thirst of the Apple devices for the quickness and swiftness, iOS 12 has been prompted to perform 40% quicker when it is launching the different apps of daily usage. At the same time, the multi-tasking and the swapping between the different apps has been enhanced to 2x faster, i.e. double the previous speed.

As a whole, the iOS 12 users will enjoy the quickness and speedy working as compared to the previous operating systems for the Apple devices.

Up to 50% Faster Keyboard Display

Now, in the iOS 12 for the Apple devices, you will see the appearance and display of the keyboard up to 50% faster than in the previous operating system when you will feel the need to apply the keyboard for the typing. Further; you will feel the ease in the typing which will also be smoother, the quicker and more responsive.

Up to 70% Faster Swiping of Camera for Snap or Video Recording

As the time is the most crucial factor in the snap taking or video recording, the swiping to the camera, right from the lock screen, has been made faster than in the past operating systems. This feature is been made quicker in order for you not to miss even a single moment in the real life to snap or record the scene.

Up to 2X Faster Share Sheet Display under Load

The share sheets in the iOS 12 are converted into the faster ones as they appear 2X faster, provided you have already installed sharing extensions.

In short, you will find the iOS 12 working significantly faster than the previous operating system which will make the usage of the iOS 12 as a fun creating activity in addition to productivity.

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Source & Image: Apple

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