In iOS 12 operating system, the messages sending has been changed into the fun like activity. To make the messaging app more and more appealing and effective, revolutionary developments have been made in the messaging app.

One major change in the messaging app is addition of effects, such as, the bubble effect and the full screen effects. To enable and activate the bubble effects, you need some pet set of steps for the purpose. You may activate this effect with few following steps, mentioned in Tutorial.


  1. Tap Messaging app to launch message app interface.
  2. Tap new to start the new message.
  3. Alternatively, tap the currently existing conversation.
  4. Now, complete the message by typing the message or by inserting the images.
  5. Just tap the up button and hold it on for a while.
  6. Tap the preview button to view or see the bubble effects in the messaging app.
  7. Tap forward to send the completed and animated bubble effects.

That’s all!

Stay Tuned for activating the full screen effect in iOS 12 operating system for the Apple devices.

Image and Source: Apple

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