While operating the World’s fastest and the technologically advanced Apple devices, a stage comes when user needs the faster performance for their iPhones, iPads and even for their iPods. So, the developers at Apple also feel and thinks, similarly. This is why; the major emphasis on increasing the speed for the operation of different apps was the major concern while developing the iOS 12.

The developers at Apple try, successfully, to improve the performance of the different functions of Apple devices, being powered by iOS 12 operating system. Major change in the swiping to camera, faster keyboard display and the faster app launch during the heavy work load time are the fields which are significantly improved in iOS 12.

Let’s have a closer look upon these improvements.

Enhancement in the Speed of Swipe to Camera

When you are operating the iPhone device and you feel the need to swipe to camera, it is improved by up to 70 percent faster than that in the iOS 11 devices. So, when you will at the verge of using the camera app, rather quickly, it can be done easily and 70% more rapidly.

Faster Keyboard Display

Smart and rapid application of the keyboard display has always been the headache for the smartphones users as it may take several seconds to popup. But, thanks to iOS 12 operating system, you can now open and operate the on-screen keyboard display at the much faster speed than the previous versions of iOS operating system. The changed recorded speed of display of on-screen keyboard is up to the 50% increase than the previous versions of iOS 11.

Faster App Launch during Heavy Workload

The real revolutionary change is there in the performance of the app launching which has been enhanced to 2 times faster than the past. Now, you may enjoy multitasking, yet at the faster app launching even during the peak workload time. Unlike the previous versions of iOS operating systems, overall launching of the apps will be done in half the time.

So, let’s have a closer look upon the performance of the iOS after loading and installing the new iOS 12 upon your iPhone and enjoy!

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