After the exhaustive application and usage of the 4G technology for the Internet and global communication, upcoming technological innovations, vehemently, wait for the new rise in the communication high-tech arenas. So, Verizon, the New York based-telecommunication company and the subsidiary of Cellco Partnership, Inc., is at the corner as a primer for the launch of the 5G, the cellular wireless technology.

Succeeding the 4G, 3G and all previous wireless communication technologies, Verizon promises the 5G for the transformation of very high data, significant energy saving, prominent reduction in the communication time, wider capacities and the expansive device connectivity ratios.

Lets’ see what performance is expected from Verizon in this regards.

What Performance is Expected from the 5G?

Proud of its achievements to be the first telecom entity to conduct 5G field tests three years ago, now, Verizon is at the height of the puff, flimflam and excitements for the launch of the foundational corner stone of technology. The accelerating gears of the supercharged areas, waiting fervently and passionately, for the transformation are the arena of self-driving cars, the augmented reality, even the telem-edicine and many more.

You may expect 10 or even 100 times more rapid and quicker transformation of data over the 5G connection, than the existing cellular or wireless data connection. So, you may expect the data transfer much speedier than through the current state of the art fiber-optic cable. So, you can expect the time lag to last around the 20 milliseconds in current technologies but the same can be reduced to the 1 millisecond in 5G.

But, you have to wait till October to examine and enjoy the sweet fruits of 5G. Apart from experimental launch in the selected suburbs of Los Angeles, Sacramento, California, Indianapolis & Dallas, South Korea, Japan, Germany and some other areas are speeding to win the 5G race.

Source Image: 5G Logo

Source: CNET, Wikipedia

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